Wonderful Precure! (2024)

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Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2024 Duration: 23 min. Season: Type: TV Casts: Kodaira, Yuuki, Matsuda, Satsumi, Naganawa, Maria, Shirokuma, Hiroshi, Tachibana, Shinnosuke, Tanezaki, Atsumi, Ueda, Reina, Terashima, Takuma Posted by: nabeel Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Wonderful Precure! (2024)

The Wonderful Precure! anime is set in Animal Town, a town where animals and people live together in harmony. Second-year junior high school student Iroha Inukai is best friends with her dog named Komugi. Out for a walk one day, Iroha and Komugi encounter a mysterious creature named Gargal, who goes on a rampage in the city. Komugi suddenly transforms into a Pretty Cure named Cure Wonderful, to protect Iroha.

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